Bathroom Renovation Steps: What to Expect Before Contacting Your Handyman

A proper bathroom renovation can take quite a while to complete, but it’s all for good reasons. Each step is essential and needs to be done to ensure no water damage or harmful paint jobs. Here are seven crucial measures included in the bathroom renovation process to help you plan how long the job will take.  

  1. Demolition

The first step is where the transformation begins. After assessing what needs to be taken out and what stays, stand back and let the pros get to it. They will ensure that dust and debris don’t enter the rest of your home while demolition is underway.   

  1. Plumbing Repairs 

Once the area has been cleared, the next step is to replace old piping. After that, the contractor can install the bathtub or shower base if it is acrylic. If you want a shower with jets, you will also have to install it during this step of the process.   

  1. Tiling and Grouting

Once the plumbing is done, and there are no leaks, the next step is to waterproof the floor by installing a tile backer. Once the backer is set in place and waterproofing is complete, it is time to tile the floor. Make sure to leave some time for the tiles to set before applying the grouting.   

  1. Electrical and Vanity Installation

Once the floor and tiling are complete, the next step is lighting and any initial wiring work, such as LED. You can also mount your vanity during this stage. If you add a hanging vanity to the bathroom, there needs to be additional backing installed to support its weight.  

  1. Final Plumbing Jobs and Drywall Repairs

The plumber can now return to set up the sink, toilet, shower and faucet. Once everything is installed and the plumbing is complete, you can start with drywall repairs.  

  1. Painting 

Firstly, the painter will apply a coat of primer to the drywall and then the first coat of paint. It is best to paint before adding accessories as it is hard to paint around things such as the toilet roll holder.   

  1. Bathroom Accessories and The Second Round of Painting

Once the paint is dry, you can install all accessories such as towel rings, robe hooks and toilet paper rolls. Handyman Painting: Trusted Handyman Services in Toronto If you are interested in renovating your bathroom and want to find out more about the cost of the process, contact Handyman Painting in Toronto for a free quote.

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