Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Paint Colour for Your Interior

Choosing the colour of your interior can sometimes be a confusing and overwhelming task, with many options and inspiration to choose from. As Handyman painters in Toronto, we know the best tips to find the perfect paint colour to not only match your home but to elevate it further.

The paint colour of a room can help give it a personality and even a focal point. If you already have a favourite colour in mind, you can even use that colour to create a colour scheme that flows throughout your home.

In this blog, we’ll look at four more popular methods to choose the best paint colour for your interior from our skilled renovation company in Toronto.

  1. Match Your Home Furniture

One way to find the perfect paint colour for your interior is to match it to your surrounding furniture. Using this method, you can either match colour for colour or choose a contrasting paint colour. This way works best if you buy your furniture first to avoid clashing colours before you paint the room. Paint a few testers on the wall to see which works best with your furniture.

  1. Choose a Colour Based on the Feeling You Want From the Room

The colour that you choose for a room can invoke an emotional response, so choose carefully. This is a great paint choosing method if you purposely want to bring out a specific feeling when someone walks into your chosen room. 

Blues and greens are calming and work best in bathrooms or guest bedrooms. Yellow is a stimulating colour, which can work well in a study. 

Warmer hues (red, orange and yellow) suit more social rooms, while cooler colours (green, blue and purple) suit more private rooms.   

  1. Use Neutral Colours Creatively

Neutral doesn’t always mean boring. You can use neutral colours in interesting ways to create feature walls. This can be done by creating a striped wall using neutral colours. Otherwise, you can allow neutral colours to move focus away from your walls and towards key furniture pieces and pops of colour scattered around the room.

  1. Bring the Outside in

Looking to create a restful room that people can relax in? Think about bringing in natural colours inspired by the outdoors, such as natural greens and beach-inspired blues. If you have a more laid-back style, these might be the colours you are looking for.

Still feeling overwhelmed with all the colour choices and dizzy looking at colour swatches? Trust our expert interior painters in Toronto to find which paint colours best suit your style and interior needs. Whether you’re looking for painting, repairs, maintenance or improvements, our renovation company in Toronto has the years of experience you’re looking for. Give us a call to find out more today! 

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