What Not to Do When Choosing a Paint Colour for Your Home

Have you ever been so excited to paint a room in your home a certain colour only to be disappointed by the results? As expert painting contractors in Markham, we have seen our fair share of paint colour mistakes. Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, in this blog, we’ll list some of the most common mishaps so that you don’t fall victim to them yourself!

Choose Something Directly Out of a Magazine

Magazines are full of passing trends and fads, especially when it comes to paint colours. While decor magazines can be a good place to source inspiration, there are a variety of other factors you should consider and not simply choose what is ‘in style’.

Not Taking Decor and Furniture Into Consideration

You could see a colour you fall in love with at the hardware store, but it may not look good in your home due to the lighting or overall feel of the space. When choosing a paint colour, it’s important to consider how the shade will look next to your furniture and decor.

Rushing Into a Decision

Painting your home is a significant investment, even if it is only one small room. So you mustn’t rush into the decision. Take your time, look at various options, and don’t put pressure on yourself to decide immediately.

Not Speaking to the Other Members of Your Household

Even if you are the person who makes most of the decisions in your household, you may want to ask for the opinions of others before choosing the paint colour. Many arguments have erupted over a colour choice that a family member dislikes. While it may be impossible to keep everyone happy, especially if you have a big family, you should at least try to be diplomatic.

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