How to Pick the Perfect Exterior Paint Colour for Your Toronto Home

Choosing a new colour for the outside of your home is a big step to take and also a big commitment. Luckily, some professionals are there to help match your vision with the perfect colour. Our expert team of residential painters in Toronto has compiled some tips to help you decide. 

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Color

  • Explore your neighbourhood and examine the general colour scheme. You can look at houses with a similar design as yours and see what colour schemes are popular. 
  • Use contrasting colours to highlight the features of your home. If your home has special architectural features, find out what makes them stand out. 
  • If your home is made from brick or stone facades, it is best to choose paint colours that complement the material’s texture. 
  • We recommend our clients first test a colour on a small part of the exterior and see how the colour changes during the day. Some colours tend to look completely different when the sun shines on them.
  • Choose colours that match the interior of your home to create harmony between the two. 

The Rule of Three

The best-known formula for choosing a colour for your home is to choose three instead of one. Choose a dominant, neutral and contrasting colour. You use the dominant, more neutral colour over the larger area of your home, the accent colour for doors and then the contrast colour for the trim. If you want your home to stand out, choose a dominant lighter colour and do the opposite if you wish your home to look receding. If you have a large residence, stay away from darker colours because it can make it look imposing. For a small house, a lighter colour will do it injustice because it makes your home disappear into its surroundings.

Popular Trends 

  • White homes have always been in style, specifically for large properties. If you have wooden doors and accents, you can make them stand out and be the focal attention by using white. 
  • If you want to go for a light colour but want to stay away from white, then grey is prime. It works well for large and smaller homes, making it a very safe choice.
  • A trend dominating smaller homes is painting them black and complimenting the dark colour with light trims and stone decorations.

Don’t take the stress of choosing a colour for your home onto yourself! As professional residential painters in Toronto, Handyman Painting is here to help. Contact us today to start your painting project!

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