How Our Team Will Create Space In Your Home

Our handyman services in Toronto can help you create space in your home without having to build an entirely new addition that takes months to complete. We have done many of the following designs for our clients, and all received positive feedback. Here are five ideas to explore if you are thinking about expanding your home. 

 1) Dormers 

A dormer is a window that gets added to a sloped roof and is mostly used if you have an attic. It is perfect for storage space and can also be used if you have a roof room that needs some light shining in. It is also aesthetically pleasing from the outside. 

2) Sunrooms  

A sunroom is a glass structure that gets attached to the outside wall of your home. It lets light and fresh air in, but the heat does not flow into your home because the sunroom gets separated from the house with a wall. People mainly use them for sunbathing or growing their plants, which makes this the perfect solution for those who don’t have much garden space.  

3) Porches And Patios 

Porches and patios can be used as an expansion to your home because it is part of the main structure. We can design them in many shapes or sizes; some people even request a patio that wraps around their entire home. They are completely safe for furniture because porches and patios are both roofed structures, protecting their contents from the elements.  

4) An Enclosed Porch  

If you already have a porch attached to your house, you can turn it into a solid room by enclosing it. By doing so, you will increase the square footage of your home. Additionally, you will want to add heating to this structure, as the lack of solid walls can cause it to be quite cold. 

5) Home Office 

Not all homes come with office space, but it is actually quite easy to create. The best place to create an office space is in your main living area. Make sure to choose a quiet space, away from the TV or kitchen area.  

If you are ready to start designing your dream home, contact Handyman Painting ‒ your top home renovator, decorator and handyman services provider in the Toronto area. We offer a wide range of services by trained professionals. 

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