Best Home Painting Tips You Will Read This Year

An eye-catching home transformation quite often begins with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Follow these guidelines, from your go-to residential painters in Toronto, to ensure the quality and longevity of your painting projects.

Top 7 Residential Painters’ Tips 

  1. Prioritize wall prepping and cleaning. A smooth surface is necessary for a smooth paint application, which includes filling in cracks, removing wallpaper, sanding and cleaning, dusting, and wiping. Exterior walls benefit from a power wash.
  2. Don’t underestimate the primer. It is a step that many leave out, but must not be omitted when painting on a spackled surface, or if painting a light shade over a previous dark colour.
  3. White is a popular colour, but be careful to choose the correct shade. The choice of white paint is endless, whether it’s true-white or off-white. You should keep in mind that stark white walls are unforgiving to blemishes and unevenness. Choosing an off-white colour requires choosing an undertone that matches your decor. The undertones can vary from warm (orange, yellow, pink, etc.) to cold hues (hints of silver or blue).
  4. Take advantage of the power of paint. A room can be altered in size and shape as a result. It has such a powerful visual impact, which makes it an amazing tool to play with. When used strategically (on walls, ceilings, chair railings, and baseboards), colour can widen, lengthen or expand a room.
  5. Make sure you test your colour options on the actual wall(s) before you paint them. Consider buying a paint sample and applying it to a section of your wall and monitoring it over 24 hours to see how the shade alters with the change in light.
  6. Sheen and matte finishes have a remarkable impact on your painting project. Sheen finishes reflect more light. Matte or flatter finishes are crisp and modern and look great on walls and ceilings. If you want just one colour, use satin or semi-gloss finishes on trims and features, and keep walls matte. This creates a captivating monochrome look.
  7. Invest in your rollers and brushes for the best application. Typically, cheaper versions will shed fuzz and lint and ruin your paint job.

The Option of Hiring Professional Painters

You can clearly tell the difference between a DIY paint job and a professional one. 

Painting professionals use the right techniques and equipment, before and during the project, to provide the best service possible. They also, conveniently, take away the stress of the clean-up after the painting is done. 

Step into your freshly painted and immaculate home and continue living your life in a fresh, new space.

The Handyman Painting staff believes communication at all stages of a project is crucial to your satisfaction. To book residential painters in Toronto, call us today at (416) 729-9283.

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